Destruction Site – Whitesbog Area – Brendan Byrne State Forest

Historic Whitesbog Area Being Destroyed 

Appx. 117 acres of wetlands destroyed

Location: Browns Mills, Burlington Country, Brendan Byrne State Forest

GPS location:   East end: 39.963704/-74.529273

West end: 39.962333/-74.516465


Lou’s Lake

Local name: For this image “Lou’s Lake”

Type of Area: Open wetlands/forest wetlands/vernal pool

What is going on at this site: The mudders have the audacity to name a destroyed wetlands after themselves, the sign in the background of the above images says “Lou’s Lake”. Also, they have provided all their mudder friends with a place to dispose of their trash (usually beer cans – cheap beer too). They should provide equipment for restoration of this vernal pool instead of a trash receptacle! This site was pointed out to me by my friends Jason Howell and Emile DiVito.  All images were provide by Jason Howell.  As you can see in the Google Earth shot above this area is laced with multiple roadways through a sensitive wetlands area.  The fact that this encompasses appx. 117 acres is not surprising as there are many areas in the Pine Barrens destroyed by mudders that can range from 25 acres and up.  The images below are explanation enough about what is going on here.  Also, at the end of this post is a video shot while tracking a mudder and calling into the DEP hotline 877-927-6337.  This is something we can all do, I have done it several times in the past.  If you see any illegal off-roading going on or trash dumped in the woods, anywhere in New Jersey, call the above number and report it.

The DEP and Pinelands Commission have made very little effort to correct this problem but have it all tied up in a neat bureaucratic package right now.  By the time they make up their minds on a course of action our forest will have been destroyed by 4 x 4 Jeep types, dirt bikes or ATV’s (which are illegal to operate on all public lands in NJ). This is happening before their very eyes, day by day, minute by minute!

The loudly shouting masses trying to hold off managing our public lands with motorized access plans are the very people who are creating the problems.  Look at the images below and you can see that roadways are cut by 4 x 4 vehicles, they are not authorized roadways.  People drive on them all the time and think it is okay because the road is there, but the road is illegally forged through the wetlands.   These problems are not being caused by just “renegades in the night” or “miss guided youth” it is an entire community that includes young and old, male and female, from all walks of life.

What is there: This is prime habitat for all Pinelands flora and fauna.

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The video below is a great example of reporting the problems we all see when we are enjoying the forest.  Please, if you see something like this going on please report it to 1-877-927-6337