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Our public lands are about to be asked to suffer another bout of erosion, excessive noise, possible destruction of habitat, the possible death of wildlife, the frightening of wild game, the destruction of the interior road systems that we need in order to visit our “Pinelands”, destruction of fire cuts, possible abuse of the forest by the use of illegally cut single track (also known as “trails” by the enduro riders) for use by motor cycles…and the list goes on.

You would be wise to query into the routes being used by the below motor cycle event in our Pinelands in October so you know that you will not be able to hike, go birding, walk your dog, take your children into nature, and hunt unimpeded in the area where this event will take place. You should contact Parks and Forestry Div. of the DEP, The Pinelands Commission, The Superintendent of the Southern Region for Parks and Forestry, and, of course Pine Barrens Adventure School themselves.

Please take notice of the information below and my comments below that:

Pine Barrens 500


Fri, October 26 2018, 8:00 AM – Sun, October 28 2018, 4:00 PM [EST]


The 2018 Pine Barrens 500 Adventure Ride.

A Three day, 500-mile GPS guided off-pavement Adventure Motorcycle Ride and Eco-Tour of New Jersey’s Pinelands National Reserve. The course will consist of sand and gravel woods roads with whoops, deep sand, mud and water. Appx 15% of the course will be on pavement. All machines must have DOT Knobby Tires, 96 DB USFS approved muffler, 80 plus mile gas range and be 100% street legal. No Two Strokes or Trail Bikes.

This year we added a full Enduro’s worth of Firecuts to the course.

Over the duration of the three day event, the riders will be challenged with some of the best enduro sections from local enduro events. The Pine Barrens 500 is a challenge to complete most years, and this year the addition of the optional enduro sections will make a great event even better. There will also be the shortened Bike Big Route that avoids the more difficult sections of the Course.
For those of you unfamiliar with Pine Barrens Adventures Events, we try to host “Adventure Vacations” with great food, hotel lodging and excellent routes. We also have a great crew of very experienced riders that man support stations along the routes and also have support and sweep riders on the course to assist with any issues that arise. We also have two full EMS squads on duty in case of emergency’s.
ABOUT THE ORGANIZER: Adventures LLC: Pine Barrens Adventures staff and instructors are champion Enduro, Motocross and Rallymoto racers as well as experienced adventure riders. We have been organizing …in the Pinelands since 2005, and are also officers in local enduro clubs, organizing enduro and hare scramble events. We are a “Grassroots” organization, doing this for the love of the sport.


I have some serious question about this event and the decades of abuse cast on our Pinelands for the sake of for profit companies. They pay a nominal fee for a permit and cause serious damage to our public land’s environment. With no recourse!

As the flyer mentions they have “support and sweep riders on the “ but what about a crew to repair the erosion and destruction to the roads that many have to use in order to enjoy the Pinelands, a.k.a Pine Barrens?

I do have some serious questions about the event’s description above that I will cover here:

…..Eco-Tour. What is this? Will you have 150 motorcycles stop at some pristine intermittent pond and look at the grasses, wild flowers and Pine Barrens Tree Frogs? Otherwise, what will they gather of the ecosystem zooming down the sand roads?

….sand and gravel woods roads with whoops, deep sand, mud and water. These are the very roads that other users of the Pinelands need to get to see their beloved Pinelands. After your event will you fix all the problems so that on Monday the 29th we can all get our Pinelands back and do so on the roads you will be traveling over?

…. DOT Knobby tires. These are the very tires that chew up our public roads and fire cuts, forest and wet lands, because they are made to conquer the land. Can’t you require use of a smoother tire that will not present problems?

….Enduro’s worth of Firecuts to the course. The Forest Fire Service don’t want you to chew up their work to conduct prescribed burns and prevent devastating fires. I know many within the Fire Service who are opposed to the use of fire cuts by motorized vehicles. Besides, don’t you have enough in 500 miles of roads to not use the fire cuts? The Tour de Pines is a five-day cycling event and they get along just fine on roads, no fire cuts needed. There will be a hunting season going on at that time in October and hunters walk these cuts to get to their hunting areas. They could be in danger and the game they seek will be long gone from the area once you all ride through it. Not to mention the people who like to hike fire cuts.

….best enduro sections from local enduro events. To me that means using single track that were illegally cut by enduro riders over the many years they have been holding their events. Single track is not permitted to be used during these types of events, but often are.

Since many thousands of forest users preserved these public lands for quiet enjoyment with their taxes dollars they should not be used for the benefit of a few, turning our Pinelands into a motorsports arena, and profits for a company.



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  1. Hi Craig. If you would like to volunteer for some projects we have lined to curtail the off-roading mess you should contact Jason Howell at PPA, Also, you can contact the Div. of Parks and Forestry and voice your opinion, also, the Pinelands Commission. We need to keep the pressure on until the inevitable conclusion happens.


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