Destruction Sites – Greenwood Wildlife Management Area Rt. 72 Burlington County

“Greenwood WMA” – Rt. 72 –  Burlington County

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WMA stands for Wildlife Management Area, at this site, which I will call the “Staging Site”, WMA should stand for Wild Maniacs Area!

Several months ago I started exploring areas within Greenwood Wildlife Manage Area and was amazed at what I saw.  This area, in particular, has one of the most astounding locations of trash in the Pine Barrens that I have seen in a long time.

Location 39.838067/-74.437075 is located .8 miles off of Route 72 in Burlington County, the road on Google earth is called Laurie’s Rd.

On two occasions when visiting this site I found trailers parked in the area with Pennsylvania registrations, one had a dirt bike and an ATV, neither registered in PA or NJ. The one with the machines on it was being searched for by two fellows from Philadelphia.  I ran into a women on Laurie’s Rd who told me she was waiting for her boyfriend and brother who were looking for the trailer they left there the day before.  She was about 100 yards from the entrance to the gravel pit. IMG_0871 IMG_0863

The last occasion was on a Tuesday afternoon when myself and Ryan Rebozo from PPA were surveying the area.  This trailer was empty and all seven riders came barreling down Laurie’s Rd from the direction of Hidden Lakes (subject of another blog). I stopped the first adult rider, there were two adults and 5 kids, and asked if he realized that ATVs were illegal to operate on NJ public lands.  His answer -“yes, so what?” – and off he sped. Here is a video of his trailer.

This area is a small gravel pit that appears to be used to park their trailers and trucks and then take off for the hills (what hills?) and ride and ride some more.  Absolutely no one using this area ever had a trash receptacle in their home, you would think they would have learned how to use one if they had.  Here every conceivable item they don’t have a use for is tossed on the ground.  Every square foot of the margins of this place is a trash heap.  Some of the items found there are matching pairs of boots, shoes and sneakers, clothing of all sorts, beer cans, whiskey bottles, beer cartons, plastic bags, feminine  hygiene items,  condoms, food wrappers, bags of household trash, oil and transmission fluid cans – the list could go on and on.

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Of course there is the usual campfire and cut down trees to fuel it. What is most amazing that is this obviously goes on, unabated day and night during the weekends.  There is a very minor road leading into the place and in one swoop the entire place could be locked down and blockaded.

Here is some more video I shoot, trash and more trash.  Please read below the videos for my request for a guest blogger. Still no takers.

This is a test to see if anyone out there has read this far!!!!!   If anyone who enjoys this type of activity would like to guest blog a post on this site please forward a Word Document to, no more than 500 words, and some good jpeg images that show how much you enjoy this activity.  Your text should explain the reason you enjoy running around in your vehicles on ground that is nearly flat and obviously not at all challenging to even a Subaru Forester, and also why you believe its okay environmentally to do so.