Destruction Sites – “A Larger View”

“A Larger View” – Much of the Northern Pinelands National Reserve

About this blog: After my last post I thought it best to take a larger view of the areas being destroyed by off-road vehicle enthusiast.  The Google Earth map view below is from Rt. 37 to Rt. 70 to Rt. 206 and from there to Rt. 30 then on to the Garden State Parkway.  All of the red lines and circles are clearly defined areas that are currently being used and destroyed by the off-roaders who enjoy destroying our public lands. I have personally visited many of these sites, but not all.  I have not spent a lot of time in the Southern sections of the Pinelands but believe me when I say the destruction there is just a bad as what you are seeing in the Google Earth image below.

Along with this post I have a images of the signs that are so ubiquitous in our state forest that you would have to be blind to miss them.  Under the sign image I will outline what is not legal in the state forest.

The video I have posted is from the Greenwood Wildlife Management Area.  One video is of a gate that was constructed from “I” beams and completely destroyed by people wanting motorized sport access to the area.  The other video is of vast grasslands that are currently being used as mudding arena. This was once used to release quail into the wildlife management area, thus the reason for the gate.

A vast area of the Pinelands being destroyed

A vast area of the Pinelands being destroyed

Rules posted in our state forest

Rules posted in our state forest

In our State Forest it is illegal to:

Litter or dump trash – residential or commercial (this is readily and routinely done)

Consume alcohol (every site that I have visited is drowning in beer cans and bottles.  It is probably the number one litter item in the Pinelands.  We have laws that forbid open containers of alcohol while driving so they are discarded into the forest)

Burn open fires (again, almost every site I have visited has the remains of a bonfire or campfire that are present even in the season when everyone is warned not to burn any fires in the forest)

Cut down trees or damage plant life (trees are routinely chopped down for use as firewood)

Abuse the environment (it goes without say that everything thing these people do is destructive to the environment)

Target Practice (many of the sites have shotgun shells and .22 casing at the locations)

Swimming only in unauthorized areas

All motor vehicles must be properly registered, insured. (many are not, especially dirt bikes and ATVs)

All motor vehicles must operate only on established roads and parking lots.

Operation of ATV, Trail Bikes, and off-road vehicles is prohibited. (you can see these type of vehicles in use daily)

Travel on dirt and gravel and sand roads is limited to 20 MPH. (dirt bikes have only one speed – FAST)

The current N.J. Motor Vehicle Code reads:

Dirt Bikes and ATVs are prohibited in State Forest

Here is some recently shot video that was taken in Greenwood Wildlife Management Area:

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

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5 thoughts on “Destruction Sites – “A Larger View”

  1. Oddly, the only people posting on this thread that won’t leave their names are 4wheeler and ironclanclash. Interesting.


  2. Something you wont understand.. We do this for release we do it for relaxation we do it for Friends we do it for love of the woods and the mud and the rocks and the cliffs. Not all destroy the area with trash. That would be the dipshit kids with no respect that litter on the side of the road as well as your front yard. So to clump anyone who drives offroad into one group would be wrong. Just like it would be wrong to call you a tree hugger. But there are alot more threats to our environment then moved dirt and mud. You bitch about this on here but you are nowhere near perfect yourself. Amazing how you dont have the balls to post your own name but you will insult ppl that you have never met. . Havent enough of our freedoms been taken without you trying to take more? There are like 3 places in the whole state I can take my jeep legally. Why because of ppl like you. Please post your name so you can eat your own words.


  3. The response here and on other pages of this blog are typical of the raised middle finger attitude of the Neanderthals destroying the Pine Barrens. They just don’t seem to get it that they are the people responsible for permanently destroying a fragile ecosystem. These people appear to be brain dead, self indulgent hedonists.

    I have no doubt that stronger legislation for the protection of public lands will prevail. It may mean permanently closing access to the bogs and particularly sensitive areas in hopes that 30 years from now they will have had a chance to recover. Or maybe they are gone for good. I hope penalties for this behavior include massive fines, loss of license, and community service such as cleaning trash in the forests they have despoiled. A lot of public humiliation would be nice as well.

    These photos make me weep. I am very grateful to have known the Pines when they were so very quiet and pristine.


  4. These maps are great we were able to find some really
    Good wheeling spots this weekend thank you! We will continue to follow your updates for more great spots that we were not aware of.


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