Destruction Site – “High Crossing”

“High Crossing” – Wharton State Forest

Location: Shamong Twp., Burlington County, Wharton State Forest

high crossing

GPS location:   N 39.76869/ W 74.64397

Directions: Carranza Road south, just beyond Carranza Memorial to the abandoned N.J. Central R.R. tracks, make a right just before the tracks, Park Road.  Follow till you come to the squalor at the end of the road, about a mile, you can’t miss it, the road in front of you will be historic Old Tuckerton Stage Rd.

Local name: High Crossing

What is going on at this site: This is an historic site at the intersection of Old Tuckerton Stage Rd and the old N.J. Central R.R. Line.  From here you use to be able to get to Hampton Furnace, Batsto or back to Carranza Rd., but you can not travel beyond this point now.  Two of the roads lead to a most popular off-roading site (to be blog about at a later date) called “1/4 Mile”.  High Crossing is an off roaders play ground in miniature.  In all directions at this site there is nothing but water holes and mud holes to play in.  The roads in all directions are impassable unless you have a max’d out Jeep.  This area is in the heart of the Pinelands and normal people can no longer visit here.

What is there: Upland pine forest

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  1. Wow thanks this looks like a great spot the directions seem pretty clear I’ll try to get out there this weekend if anyone would like to join me. Bring your own straps!!


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