Destruction Site – “Jemima Mount”

“Jemima Mount” – Wharton State Forest

Face of Jemima Mount

Location: Washington Township, Burlington County, Wharton State Forest jemima mount GPS location:   N 39.71231/ W 74.61662

Directions: Rt. 206 to Quaker Bridge Rd. at the end of Atsion Rd, Quaker Bridge Rd. to Sandy Ridge Rd., right on Devious Mount Rd. to Jemima Mount Rd.  About 6 Miles from Rt. 206 in the heart of Wharton State Forest.

Local name: Jemima Mount

What is going on at this site: This location is a remnant from the end of the ice age, approx. 12 thousand years ago.  It is a 100′ + gravel ridge that extends about 1/4 mile in the middle of the typically flat Pine Barrens.  THIS IS A MONSTER TRUCK WANTABES HEAVEN!!!  The 4 x 4s and dirt bikes have scarred the face of this Pinelands anomaly beyond repair.  On weekends large groups of 4 x 4s race up and down the hill to challenge their vehicles.  Historically there is no road along the top of the ridge but one has been made over the years so there is no part of this beautiful ridge that has been left un-damage. The original scar on the face is so deep now it can not be traversed any longer so new roadways are being forged on the face of the hill, there are about five. Of course, there is the typical beer can debris and fire sites at the top of the ridge.

What is there: A magnificent oak and pine forest.

Video: Here is a video I pieced together from several, out of many, that are available on YouTube.  These videos were made by the operators of the vehicles abusing Jemima Mount.  They are so proud of their work they are willing to show it to the world.

Photo Gallery:  This photo gallery will give only a mild sense of how horrible this area has been abused

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4 thoughts on “Destruction Site – “Jemima Mount”

  1. So the land you live on was stripped by developers so you could have a home built but driving though a forest is devastating? I guess you’ve never been on a trail ride though Colorado, Utah, or California? Those beautiful areas are home to amazing views that can only be had by using a 4wd vehicle.


  2. I see people enjoying the use of the land, where would you expect people to 4 wheel? Just because it is not your cup of tea and you don’t understand it is no reason to condemn it.


  3. This looks to be a designated off road site. Most likely the place where you currently live and your current lifestyle has done much more damage to the ecological system than this entire off road park will ever have. Did you obtain permission to use these videos on your quest?

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  4. I saw some license plates in the video. Hope someone got them and
    notified the authorities. This is just heart breaking.


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