Destruction Site – “Friendship (Settlement)”

“Friendship (Settlement)” – Wharton State Forest

Foundation at Friendship

Location: Washington Twp., Burlington County, Wharton State Forest – Rt. 532 to Carranza Rd. in Tabernacle.  South on Carranza to its end at Speedwell Rd.

Friendship foundation

Friendship foundation

GPS location:   N 39.75121/ W 74.58486 Local name: Friendship or Friendship Bogs What is going on at this site: This is an historic site.  For a site map of the location when it was a viable cranberry operation see “Ghost Towns: and other quirky places in the New Jersey Pine Barrens”, by Barbara Solem, Plexus Publishing, page 135. This site was established in 1869 and was a 3000 acre cranberry farm. The 4x4s and ATVs are making a mess of the old foundations here driving into and around them causing the walls to collapse. All of the sand roads and fields around the area are disturbed by excessive use of off-road vehicles. Comment:  It is difficult to understand what enjoyment anyone  gets from driving their 4×4 or ATV into abandoned cellar holes and through the fields of an historic site!!!! Isn’t it enough that some of the off-road crowd have already reduced many areas of our public forest to nothing more then mud holes and denuded forest laced with hundreds of miles of unusable roads?

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1 thought on “Destruction Site – “Friendship (Settlement)”

  1. So, OK, now I’m just furious not just at the idiotic destruction of treasured sites but at the totally
    helpless feeling I have with regard to this.
    I remember years ago (late ’60s) going out into the tract and seeing these sites with a friend who told me about them and some of their history. I was in awe of them and now to see them being destroyed for no sensible reason is heart-breaking.
    Just beyond belief. These people are assaulting our Pines with apparent impunity. I’ve been told that when reported with license tags the perpetrators are fined. Just my opinion but I think that vehicles should be confiscated, at least for a period of time. This would send a strong message that a fine does not.


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