Destruction Site – “Park Road”

“Park Road” – Wharton State Forest

Park Rd. mudding wallow

Location: Shamong, Burlington County, Wharton State Forest Directions: Carranza Memorial Road south from Tabernacle, just past the Carranza Memorial, but before the abandoned R.R. tracks, Park Road is on the left.

Park Rd

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GPS location:   N 39.77881/ W 74.62135 Local name: Park Road What is going on at this site: The area at Carranza Rd. and the abandoned R.R. is a popular meeting place for off-road vehicle enthusiast, individuals and clubs.  Park Rd. is no longer usable along the railroad bed because of the abuse by 4 x 4 vehicles.  There are deep mud wallows in the road, remains of previous fires, household debris and the normal beer cans scattered throughout the area.

What is there: Update: The Pinelands Commission’s surveys of the wetlands is this area have identified Fowler’s toads, Pine Barrens Tree Frogs, spring peepers, green frogs, southern leopard frogs and carpenter frogs………  

Upland forest with the popular Batona camping area and Carranza Memorial just north of the site.

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  1. What are they doing when they catch these people tearing up our pinelands? I notice the the picture at the top has a license plate visible. Can it be read? Just very frustrating seeing this go on with no apparent action being taken.


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