Destruction Site – “Atco Dragway Powerline”

“Atco Dragway Power Line” – Wharton State Forest

Location: Camden County, Waterford Township, next to the Atco Dragway on Jackson Road.

Google Earth image

Google Earth image

GPS location:   N 39.774626/ W 74.824720 at entrance to N 39.795455/W 74.825576

Local name: Atco Dragway Powerline

What is going on at this site: This is another example of a utility Right of Way that is unprotected and used as off-roaders haven.  This area abuts the Mullica River and all of this area is in the Mullica River watershed. There is very typical activity with the usual beer cans and trash everywhere, remnants of fires, destroyed wetlands, mud wallows, denuded areas. There is a large area of Pine Barrens sand ridges to the east of the roadway that stretch for 3/4 of a mile that have been over run with off-road traffic. Near the entrance to the area is a sand dune that has been created by continued ORV abuse.  The power company has actually made this area more accessible by laying a crushed rock roadway all the way to the Mullica River.

What is there: While there Carpenter and Pine Barrens Tree Frogs were heard.

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