Destruction Site – “First Beach”

“First Beach” – within Wharton State Forest

First Beach Destruction


Location: Shamong Twp., Burlington County, within Wharton State Forest

1 mile east of Atsion Lake on Quaker Bridge Road

fisrt beach

GPS location:   N 39.73433/ W 74.71101

Local name: First Beach

What is going on at this site: Mullica River streamside beach in upland forest.  Once a quiet little beach that was a canoe/kayak launch and a nice place to look at the river. Now it is the off-roader’s simulated sand dune.  Over the years the beach has been greatly enlarged, eroded and de-vegetated by off-road vehicles riding up and down the slopes of the bank. Sand from the banks is washing into the Mullica River. There are new paths added to the area regularly.  This area is highly visible from Quaker Bridge Rd., but it doesn’t retard the illegal activity.  There are usually beer cans and trash in the area along with the charcoal remains of campfires.  Vehicle traffic there can be disruptive to hikers using the “Yellow Trail” that passes through the area.

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