Destruction Site – “Burnt Mill Road”

“Burnt Mill Road” – Wharton State Forest

Sand Wash/Vernal Pool – Burnt Mill Rd.

Location: Waterford Twp., Camden County, Wharton State Forest

GPS location:   N 39.73313/ W 74.82101

Directions: From Hammonton, Rt. 206 north, left on Chew Road, right on Sandy Causeway, left on Burnt Mill for 2.73 miles, on left.

Local name: Unknown

What is going on at this site: This location on Burnt Mill Road is a microcosm of the destruction going on in the rest of our public lands, especially Wharton State Forest.  The Google Earth shot above shows many locations just within small this area that has been run over, de-forested, compacted, trashed, hacked, violated, plus the destruction of endangered flora and fauna in the many many ways of off-road vehicle misuse practiced by lots dirt bikes, ATVs, and 4×4 vehicles. If you stood at the intersection of Sandy Causeway and Burnt Mill Rd. on any given Saturday or Sunday you would probably observe every type of conceivable land abusing motor vehicle you could imagine. What is more astounding is that many, if not all as I have seen recently, are from out of state.

What is there: This is prime Pinelands upland forest, and what was once either a small sand wash or a vernal pool. All surrounding areas that are accessible by ORVs have been violated.  There is household trash, many bottles and cans (mostly beer). We observed green frogs in all of the wet areas.

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