Destruction Site – “Power Line, Jackson Rd., Medford”

“Power Line, Jackson Rd, Medford” – Wharton State Forest

Location: Medford, Burlington County, western edge of Wharton State Forest

Google Earth map

Google Earth map

GPS location:   N 39.491327/ W 74.503610 to beginning on Jackson Rd.

Directions: Tuckerton Rd., Medford, south on Jackson Rd., 2.77 miles on left, across from entrance to Woodford’s Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge.

Local name: Power Lines

What is going on at this site: This is another prime example of an unprotected utility right-of-way.  1.5 miles of this right-of-way has been taken over by off-road vehicle traffic (dirt bikes, ATVs and 4X4 trucks) and is a known dumping ground of all manner of debris from household trash to construction and landscape materials. Along the 1.5 miles any area that can be accessed by an off-road vehicle has been damaged as well. Like the Waterford Power Line area the closer you get to developed areas the more vehicle abuse and trash dumping you seem to see. This section of Jackson Rd in Medford is subjected to much dumping of trash year around.  One thing I noticed more here than anywhere else is the cutting down of trees along with the usual large campfire remains.  This is one of the most western parts of Wharton State Forest and in the past was not visited much by the Park Police.  It is also in the watershed of the Mullica River.

What is there: This is prime Pinelands upland forest, forested wetlands and open wetlands.  We observed green frogs in all of the wet areas.

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  1. Hi Al,

    I am enjoying your blog although the devastation you chronicle is disheartening. I think you need more people to share in your observations. I’m talking with the BCT to see if we can do a story plus some of the pictures you feature.

    On Friday, we leave for Brussels to spend the holidays with our daughters and return Jan. 3. Should be a lot of fun.

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and the best in the coming year.

    Let’s talk when I return.




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