Destruction Site – “Batsto River Bend”

“Batsto River Bend” – Wharton State Forest (my name of the area)

Location: Shamong Twp., Burlington County, Wharton State Forest

Directions: Route 206 to Atsion Rd/Quaker Bridge Rd at Atsion Lake in Shamong Twp.  Quaker Bridge Rd. for 3.80 miles to Stokes Rd.  Left for .34 miles to beach area on Batsto River

Google Earth map of area

Google Earth map of area

GPS location:   N 39.715475/ W 74.671143

Local name: Batsto River

What is going on at this site: This is a beautiful location on that Batsto River that has been turned into a 4×4 test track and campsite.  THERE IS AN ENVIROMENTAL ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN HERE! The trucks enter the steep slopped beach and traverse along the river and up the other bank.  One truck turning over and spilling its fuel into the pristine Batsto River will be a disaster.  There are always active campfires going on here even when there is a fire band being issued for the forest.  The area is littered with beer cans and trash at all times.  It has been clearly posted that motor vehicles are not permitted but the signs are ignored or torn down.  The steep banks of the river have been breached in several places causing runoff of sand into the river.

What is there: Upland forested area with a beautiful streamside beach. Over the years the area has been greatly enlarged and eroded and de-vegetated.  While there we heard or observed Pine Warblers, Ovenbirds and White Breasted Nuthatch

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