Destruction Site – Atco/Waterford Twp.

“Atco/Waterford Twp.” – Wharton State Forest  western border

Location: Waterford Twp./Atco, Camden County, Wharton State Forest western border

4 1/2 miles of destruction

4 1/2 miles of destruction

Directions: Route 30 to Jackson Road in Berlin.  East on Jackson to Atco Raceway.  Just passed the raceway on the right at the high tension power line.  From Shamong west on Jackson Road to just before Atco Raceway on left.

GPS location:   On Jackson Road N39.774395/W74.824813 north entry, continues to N39.753127/W74.873135

Local name: Power Lines

What is going on at this site: This is a classic example of a power line right-of-way that has become a haven for the 4×4, ATV, dirt bike crowd. Most of these areas are totally unprotected and open to anyone you cares to use them.  It seems that the power companies would not want people to have access to their high tension power line towers and would do what they could to prevent access.  This area is the western border of Wharton State Forest with many access points into the forest.  It is bordered on the west by many Waterford Twp. residence who are plagued by off-road vehicle (ORV) traffic day and night.  The open access also promotes illegal dumping. This is a mudders heaven and the meeting place of many groups and off-road clubs! The other side of Jackson Rd., that borders the Atco Raceway, is also a ORV haven of much desire and will be dealt with in a later blog.

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