Destruction Site – Historic “Old Tuckerton Stage Road”

Old Tuckerton Stage Road, Tabernacle Twp., Burlington County- Wharton S.F.

Rutted roadway Old Tuckerton Stage Rd.

Location: Tabernacle Twp., Burlington County, Wharton State Forest

Directions: Route 532 to Tabernacle, South on Carranza Rd toward Carranza Memorial

GPS location:   N39.78026 / W74.65311 first disturbance, about .44 miles from entrance at Carranza

Local name: Old Tuckerton Stage Road.

What is going on at this site: This is yet another example of the insane destruction we have run into.  For NO apparent reason 4 x 4’s have run up and down a section of Old Tuckerton Stage Rd. making the ruts so deep that without extra large tires you cannot traverse the area.  It is difficult to understand the reasoning these land-muggers created this in-road disaster other than not wanting anyone else to have access to this road/area. Just .4 miles farther on the road is an area that a couple of years ago was destroyed in the same manner.  There the Forest Fire Service had to repair the damage and took roadside sand to fill the holes and ruts.  This created a small crater with hills and mounds around it.  Within days the 4 x 4’s were challenging the hills and mounds with their vehicles which was probably as exciting as a kiddies roller coaster on an Ocean City amusement pier.  See picture of that below.

_MG_1035Behind the berms are campfire areas and, of course, the ubiquitous trash.  Actually most of the entire length of Old Tuckerton Stage Road, appx. 8.5 miles to Washington Turnpike, is now impassable by any vehicle other than monster 4 x 4’s.  Guess that trip into history is going to have to be put off.

See Google Earth image below

Google map of area

Later in this series we will show places like High Crossing along this route that truly demonstrates the devastation that is going on in this area, our public lands.

What is there: Upland Forest

Below is a slide show of images taken at the location.

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