Destruction Site – “Rockwood Road”

Rockwood Road, Hammonton, Atlantic County- Wharton State Forest

Rockwood Rd. wetlands intrusion

Location: Hammonton, Atlantic County, Wharton State Forest

Directions: Route 206 N. from Rt. 30 in Hammonton to Rockwood Rd on East side of Rt. 206.  1.5 miles to first large disturbed area.

GPS location:   N 39.69396/ W 74.71275-Appx. 1.5 miles miles from the entrance on Rt. 206.

Local name: Rockwood Road

What is going on at this site: The road, and all of the wetlands around it, have become one big mudding area for large 4 x 4 trucks and ATV’s.  The first large mud wallow is so deep that without large, illegal, tires you can not cross it. From this large mud wallow it is approximately 5 miles to Route 542 at Pleasant Mills Church. This is a large area of the Pinelands National Reserve that is no longer available to the general public since the parallel road, Paradise Rd/W. Mill Rd., is also impossible to travel and the bridge behind Pleasant Mills Church has been destroyed and has not been rebuilt. The total area represents hundreds and hundreds of acres of prime pinelands.

See Google Earth image below

Google Earth image of Rockwood Rd. area

Google Earth image of Rockwood Rd. area. Red outline is area no longer accessible.

What is there: open wetlands. forested wetlands and a long string of vernal pools

Native  Species:    Heard Pine Barrens Tree Frogs

Video: The truck in this video is not even legal to travel on NJ roads but is able to travel in broad daylight to this location.

Below is a slide show of images taken at the location.

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  1. So now you are an authority on motor vehicle laws in this state. Illeagal to travel nj roads? think not, only one thing wrong, no front plate. Plus it appears to me the truck is on a road, travelling thru a puddle that is in the road, not spinning the tires or tearing up the hole. Question, do you have pernission from the owner of this video and the owner of the truck in it to post it here? I know you dont for a fact.Also I think it is genius of you and your buddy hogan to post corrdinates, you think the few locals are a problem now, wait til everyone else uses your coordinates to see what your bitchin about dumbasses


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