Destruction Site – “Cherry Hill Road”

“Cherry Hill Road” – Wharton State Forest

Google Earth view of entire road

Location: Shamong Twp., Burlington County, Wharton State Forest

Directions: Route 206 south from Atsion Rd./Atsion Lake, Shamong Twp. .088 Miles to entrance on left (east side of Rt. 206)

GPS location:   N 39.728225/ W 74.7289295 -.17 miles from the entrance on Rt. 206. The first area of destruction is a forged roadway that leads back to a long series of vernal pools.

Local name: Cherry Hill Road.  A long time local resident claims it got its name because a cherry tree grew on a sand hill there.

What is going on at this site: The magnitude of this site is best seen with the Google Earth image at the top of this post.  It is heavily used by 4 x 4  and ATV enthusiast for the entire 2.2 miles that it traverses.  I counted 39 water/mud/wallow holes along the road.  One area is a shooting range and quasi dumping area.  In one of the large waterholes we observed two small pickerel fry.  Every area that can be entered with a heavy 4×4 vehicle has been invaded. If this dirt road is needed by the Forest Fire Service during a forest fire event it could be very difficult, or even impossible, to travel on this road with their fire wagons.

What is there: Canby’s Lobelia, lobelia canbyi

Native  Species:    Green and Southern Leopard Frogs

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