Destruction Site – “Little Quarter Mile”

“Little Quarter Mile” – Wharton State Forest

Location: Waterford Township, Camden County, Wharton State Forest

Directions: Route 206 N to Chew Rd right on Sandy Causeway, 1.5 miles left on dirt road, .25 miles to vernal pool

GPS location:   N 39.72385/ W 74.77576

Local name: Unknown (we named it Little Quarter Miles because it appears to be the beginnings of another 1/4 Mile which will be covered in a later blog)

What is going on at this site: The area was opened up after a forest fire several years ago.  It was a vernal pool but now resembles just a mud hole.  There is activity here day and night with 4 x 4 trucks and ATVs.  The  area is even frequented by families with small children.  Several campfire locations, scattered clothing, trash, beer and soda cans and bottles.

What is there: Invasive phragmites, phragmites australis.

Native  Species:    Green and Southern Leopard Frogs

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